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SoBelle Homestead Website is Live! + 2022 Plans

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

I'm so proud of the progress with SoBelle Homestead. It has been a tough year but things are finally starting to come together.

Thank you for all of the support, both locally and to my friends all over the world! When I sold out of my Holiday Seasonal Package it made me feel so proud. I hope everyone who ordered from me this past year has been so pleased with their products.

I now have a website for selling products as well as allowing subscriptions. This has been a huge step in solidifying my business presence online. I wanted to make this site simple, just updates on my farm and the products I make! No ads and no harassment. I hope to be able to regularly update my blog posts here so friends and family can stay up to date!

This coming year I plan to add more products beyond my cold process soaps. Up on the recipe list are bubble scoops, candles, bath tea, and whipped body butters. Trials for these products are already being conducted, and the recipes are being fine-tuned. Eventually, when I have perfected my recipes, I would like to share them in blog posts so those at home can make their own sustainable beauty products!

Thank you again to everyone!


Next blog post- Mocha Milkshake is retiring

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Awesome site!

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